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Your fault

F**k traffic jams.

They always seem to show up when I’m running late.

How unfair…

But you know what?

It’s my fault…

Traffic jams happen.

I know they happen. I should factor them in when deciding what time to leave.

The same is true of everything that angers us.

It’s our fault. 

Anger is usually a reaction to our own fear. Fear that we’ll get in trouble because we weren’t prepared for this. 

A supplier delivers late at work: our reaction might be to get angry, likely this is because we’re now in trouble due to not preparing for this possibility. Things get delayed. That’s part of life.

The good news is that taking full responsibility for our lives makes these negative emotions go away.

We simply do not need to be angry in 2020. It’s not a productive emotion. 

In recognising that it’s our fault and taken full responsibility we’re free. No longer can an erratic driver or a difficult colleague send us in to a rage.

Anger served a purpose in our hunter gatherer days, but today? It’s irrational.

Take responsibility and enjoy the ride.

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