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It’s a big word out there. Full of bandits. Often scary.

So it’s no wonder that we go through life with such a distrust to those we meet. I want to proposed a new attitude:

Trust everyone until they give you a reason not to.

Put another way: Trust as the default.

Now if the stakes are high and your safety or financial security are seriously at risk then sure, it pays to be diligent. But we’re talking about the small things- the hundreds of micro decisions we make each day.

Let me explain…

When we meet someone new, in business for example, we make an initial judgement about whether or not we trust them. If we decide we don’t, a game of mental chess ensues while we try and figure out how they’re trying to screw us.

Sometimes we’re right not to trust them but most the time we’re wrong. They have no ill intentions. And we have caused ourselves unnecessary worry.
What if we trusted everyone we met? Unconditionally. Until they gave us a reason not to.

How does it feel to do business with someone you trust over someone you don’t trust? It’s far more pleasant!

We could go about our business worry free. With a smile on our face! Now imagine if this was us all day every day? What a joy that would be.

Sure, you’ll be scammed from time to time. (I often am in fact). But if you take the right precautions so that the stakes are never too high then it is a small price to pay for the world opening up as a more joyful place for you to conduct your life.

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