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There’s Always More

How on earth can we keep up with all the work?

There’s a simple solution.


The working world today is hectic. We’re inundated with emails, slack messages, requests from our boss, not to mention the stream of notifications from social media.

It’s a full time job just replying!

There’s the problem- that’s all we do. We’re so engrossed in our ever growing workload that we fail to stop and see the bigger picture. 

What are we actually trying to achieve?

Last year I ran Growth (marketing) for a tech startup. 

The goal? To grow the customer base.

My time? I put together an elaborate strategy involving numerous initiatives. Myself, along with a four person team then spent the year running experiments, building campaigns, dealing with stakeholders.

The results? Nothing. I may as well have spent the year sleeping under my desk. 

All that work was in fact detrimental. I was so focused on my marketing strategy that I was blinded to the fact that it was a complete waste of time.

Granted, many in that position would have fared better.

However, I suspect I’m not alone. We’re so focused on getting work done that we lose sight of whether we should be doing it in the first place.

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