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The upside of getting it wrong

On Thursday we (Unplugged) tried to install our first cabin.


At time of writing it’s sitting abandoned at the side of a (quiet) road in Hertfordshire.

Fingers crossed no one steals it.

So what went wrong?

We took a gamble.

The site we chose is accessible across 200m of arable field.

This poses a problem for a 25tn lorry carrying an additional 8tns of cabin. Yet we weren’t too worried- “It’s June, it’ll be bone dry” we thought.

Cue a week of storms.

Initially I was agitated. Another £1.5k to finish the job next week. Plus a further delay.

But the more I think about it, the more I’m seeing the upside of getting it wrong. The more we f**k up for this first cabin the better (in reason).

Because now is the perfect time to learn.

We have no experience of cabins. No experience of solar panelling, land dealings, farms, the list goes on. And whilst a successful install would teach us some of the above, it is in failure that we really dig in and see the truth.

Viewed through this lens, the situation becomes rather enjoyable.

In fact, short of the cabin being stolen or trashed, I hope we have a few more upsets along the way.

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