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The AI revolution

Robots are coming.

Are we doomed?

The stage is set. Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo vs Ke Jie, the world’s number one go player.

It’s May 2017, 20 years after IBM’s Deep Blue bested World Champion Garry Kasparov on a chess board.

Go presented a much more difficult challenge for AI to crack due to the sheer volume of possibilities.

After the first two moves of a Chess game, there are 400 possible next moves. In Go, there are close to 130,000.

Therefore the “brute force” learning of possible moves that had bested Kasparov could not be replicated here.

AlphaGo didn’t just win, it decimated Jie.

To many, this was too much to bear.

There goes humanities final stance!

Google had started AlphaGo off by feeding it 30 million human moves. But after this it progressed to teaching itself new strategies.

But there is good news. Whilst it seems AI is on the rapid ascent to general intelligence that is a different ballgame all together. Alphago was still just data crunching, simulating possible outcomes. The real world is far too complex to achieve this.

We do then have one ace up our sleeve. Human creativity.

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