Pleasing everyone

You’re feeling optimistic. Months of hard work. Countless customer interviews.

Your new startup’s launch is just a couple of short weeks away.

You stroll outside. The sun is shining.

“Maybe this will work ok after all”.

You’ve got a hair appointment.

Halfway through the hairdresser asks how the new startup is going.

You chat away, excitedly updating on the progress.


A throw away comment by the hairdresser: “Hmm I’m not sure that’s the right approach.”

That’s all it takes.

The conversation moves on but you feel the sense of dread welling up inside you.

“F**k… I knew we shouldn’t have gone for that.” you think.

“That’s it. We’re ruined.”

I find this situation playing out over and over again in my ongoing effort to launch a startup. Every opinion sends my head spinning.

But this is daft!

Do we need everyone to want what we’re making? Absolutely not! It’s impossible to please everyone.

It’s about finding those who do want what you’re offering and building it for them. Everything else can be figured out later!

When launching a startup we’re putting all our cards on the table. Going all in. And as a result, we’re often fragile.

The stakes are high!

It’s helpful to remind ourselves to enjoy the ride.

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