Own the Morning

What marks a successful day?

Really it’s getting the one or two major tasks for the day ticked off. Usually there’s one task that if we can complete the day is a success.

But this is tough! We regularly fail.

We start the day with the best intentions. But as soon as we dip into our emails we get sucked down a rabbit hole.

Social media then gets involved.

Another hour slides by.

Time for lunch.

Gentle start to the afternoon. And the major task for the day is still burning a hole in our to do list.

We then complete a couple of the easier tasks we had planned.

Next, two hours spent batting back and forth emails.

And it’s 6pm. That’ll do.

Guess what? We didn’t do that one thing we needed to do.

This repeats day after day after day, and the important items pile up. As a result, we become busier and busier but somehow manage to get less done.

What if… Before we checked our emails in the morning. And before we even turned on our phone. We did the one thing. Everyday. As the first thing we do. What difference would that make?

I’d bet, if you did that for one week you would see a noticeable improvement in your quality of life. Do it for a month? A remarkably improvement. A year? The sky’s the limit.

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