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Meditation’s biggest secret

It actually works.

Crazy ey?

It seems a strange activity. Unnatural. This put me off meditation for years- it just doesn’t seem like something we’re designed to do.

Yet that’s the point. 

To explain what I mean let’s turn to the biggest cliche in psychology- we are not built for 21st century life. We’re built for the simple life of a hunter gatherer yet here we are.

The result? We’re dramatically over stimulated. We’re drowning in a constant stream of activity. 

Meditation then, is simply a tool to bring us back to our default. To de-stimulate.

It’s always interesting to hear “meditation is not for me, I can’t concentrate on it..” It’s the equivalent of “exercise is not for me, I’m too unfit!”

One can always start. However small. 

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