Long on humanity

It’s 2020…

Global warming is accelerating at an alarming rate. The worst pandemic in a hundred years is sweeping the global. War, poverty and famine still sweep the global. And the President of the most powerful country on earth is regarded by many as the pantomime villain.

Lot’s to be worried about!

“We’ve broken our planet” one might say. Look at the situation we’ve got ourselves in”.

But let me suggest a different view…

First of all, take a moment to marvel at the path that got us here:

The ape that got up on two legs.

And left the forest for the plains.

Discovered fire.

Learnt to communicate and collaborate in large groups.

Spread across the globe.

Developed agriculture.

Built temples and cities.

Sparked the industrial and scientific revolutions.

Invented the computer.

And now, perhaps most remarkably of all: We’re recognising the damage we’ve caused.

It’s kind of humbling to consider the frantic evolution we’ve undertaken as a species in the last 100,000 years.

And sure, we broke a few things! We have no end of problems, and flaws. But it’s also pretty amazing that we’re starting to become aware of these short comings and do something about them.

I for one am long on humanity.

Will we be around for ever? No, of course not. We’re just a flash in the pan of history but that’s part of the magic! And rather than be bitter of all the things we’re still getting wrong, let’s celebrate this time and be grateful for what we’ve got right.

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