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Life’s a dream

There’s nothing quite like the relief we get when waking from a nightmare to find it was all just a dream. 

Well, that’s a little like life.

You see our lives today are plagued by stress; I launched a startup this year and often find myself ruminating on its many imperfections. From difficult customers to dodgy generators the issues can hang over me like a cloud.

The relief comes upon realising it doesn’t particularly matter; our next customers might have an problem with the door but I’m probably die because of it… So is it really worth stressing about? 

When all is said and done, I have my health, my relationships and the privileged life that we, in the Western world, are fortunate to enjoy. 

Whether a business succeed or fails really isn’t important.

Ironically I find this realisation helps the business as it allows me to operate stress free with a clear mind, and make better decisions. 

The hard bit? Waking up!

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