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Life under quarantine

How surreal!

Who’d have thought at the start of the year that the whole planet would spend April locked under quarantine? And yet here we are.

The consequences are severe. Millions of job lost. Tens of thousands of businesses teetering on the brink. Mass government bailouts required across the board.

But is it all bad?

Not at all.

For all the pain and suffering we have been given, for the first time in living memory, a chance to slow down.

Life raced into 2020 at a breakneck speed. Chaotic.

We couldn’t begin to decide what was to happen with the alarming acceleration of climate change or the ethical questions thrown up by emerging technologies such as AI. And then covid hit.

And it’s only now, with the brakes applied, that the range of options available to us becomes clear. The future really is in our hands. And it is by coming together as a planet that we can best create it.

As for the planet itself? It’s taking full advantage! The rivers are running clean. Skies are clear. Animals are roaming the streets of our cities. There’s something extremely comforting about the Earth’s reaction to just a few short weeks of quiet.

The future is just around the corner.

And far from throwing us off track, perhaps this quarantine is exactly what we need to get ready for it.

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