Getting basics right

All of my good days seem to have one thing in common.

They are the days I get the basics right.

The bad days? The days I get the basics wrong.

Understanding this is one thing. Doing something about it is something else entirely.

We’re built to be active, to meaningfully connected with each other, to eat, to get enough sleep, to switch off.

As far as I can see we each have vices against these basics.

For me, I tend to overeat, I spend too much time sitting at my desk, I waste time on social media & messaging platforms.

Whatever is going in on the macro of my life I find it’s these mirco battles that set my happiness level.

I get sucked into my laptop some days and lose the day. Not a good day!

Likewise, if I can resist the instant gratification of whatsapp or emails, and get outside, spend time solving problems, or having proper interactions with friends and family, then the days become richer and more enjoyable.

In quarantine this is tricky! The battle is fought everyday, and despite being armed with this insight, I get it wrong time and time again. There’s a lot to be said for leaving the house and changing environment.

Roll on post lockdown!

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