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I dread to think how many hours I’ve wasted scrolling through social media in my lifetime.

Why do we waste so much time?

Because it’s easy!

Every idle moment our brain craves a soothing scroll through our facebook/IG/Twitter feed.

These social media platforms are literally designed to consume our attention.

Earlier this year I had enough, and deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The result?

I turned my scrolling to Linkedin!

The problem here is a lack of friction. It’s was too easy for me to do.

I have now found a solution. Last week, I turned my Linkedin account over to my younger sister, Freya.

Freya has changed the password and I no longer have access.

Every time I want to check Linkedin or post, I now have to message Freya and setup a zoom call on which she shares her screen and we run through any actions.

Ridiculous. Right?

But it works!

Amazing what a little friction can do.

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