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Father Christmas Theory

Father Christmas is real.

Or at least he was.

For me, anyway.

And frankly, that’s enough.

Humans are not capable seeing the world for what it truly is; it’s far too complex!

Instead our brains build a simplified version in our minds: our own perception of reality.

To each of us our perception of reality is our reality.

If we perceive the world as out to get us, then in our reality the world will indeed be out to get us.

Likewise, if we perceive Father Christmas to be real, then in our reality he is very much real.

Still with me?

So… It follows: if we can change our perception of reality, we can change our reality. If we work on finding the good in the world around us then the world around us becomes good.

Simple really!

How does one change their perception of reality?

We learn from people.

Homo sapiens are exceptional social learners.

Therefore, it’s by learning from others that we can change our perception of reality.

Talking more with our optimistic friends, reading books about ideas and possibilities, listening to the people who we want to emulate.

Avoid: the news (really), social media, the colleagues who are always complaining.

Find the people who believe. Just maybe Father Christmas is real after all.

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