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Here’s a glimpse into the future- Bottomless.

The US startup currently supplies coffee.

The twist?

There’s no need to order more.

They’ll send the next bag when your current bag is running low.

They do this by providing a weighing scale to sit your coffee bag on. When the bag goes below a certain weight they know it’s time to order more.


Yet the potential is huge.

Much like Amazon started with books, Bottomless are starting with coffee but have lofty ambitions.

It won’t be long before every corner of our house has a sensor, quietly collecting data. Things are about to get a whole lot smart.

Where this gets really interesting is at the intersection with biotech.

What if a supplement company could monitor your blood levels.

Not getting enough iron? Your next batch of supplements will help with that.

This barely scratches the surface.

Somewhere on the US West Coast Elon Musk’s Neuralink team are quietly working away at their brain implants.

The future is coming.

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