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Author: Hector

You never regret a run

Alright, perhaps you get attacked by a wild animal or some other inconvenience befalls you… But we’re talking about the other 99.9% of runs here.

I’m a semi-regular runner, probably clocking up two or three light runs a week, and almost every time I spin myself the narrative that it’s a bad idea. This seems to be especially prevalent for runs first thing in the morning… I stand contemplating my next move and my brain throws a hundred reasons not to run at me:

“My left leg feels a bit tight”
“Breakfast will be too late if I run”
“What if there’s an important email to deal with?”

Etc etc..

Some days I give in to the objections, but on others I manage to drag myself out of the door and a few kilometres around the local area, with my legs often grumpily objecting all the way round.

And yet, post run.. I never regret having done the run. All those objections turn out to be hollow.

I now find it a helpful weapon, in my morning struggles with willpower, to tell myself “You never regret a run”, and just maybe, that’s starting to tip the scales for the good guys.

Why start a blog?

Why indeed…

2020 is the year of the podcast so starting a blog is not quite the fashion. BUT here I am… Why?

Well there are a couple of interesting benefits:

  1. Writing practice- I’m a lifetime dyslexic, and a really quite weak writer. Whilst I had hoped that I could get by without writing in my life, that alas no longer looks likely. So why not work on it? Writing alone is probably not enough, but seeking feedback and opening the work up to scrutiny should do the trick.
  2. Develops thinking – My early intention with this blog is to share my thoughts and anything interesting I might have learnt. The process of publishing ones thoughts, even in a random blog in a corner of the internet, requires those thoughts to be articulated and developed, which must hold some benefit!

And that, it turns out, is enough to motivate me through the two hours spent grappling with WordPress’s setup this morning. So here we go…