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7.5 billion people occupy this planet at time of writing. That’s a big number.

Each and everyone one of these people have a centre to their universe: Themselves.

We’re all stars in our own productions. And who can blame us? We’re the only character whose on stage every minute of everyday.

So how can we navigate life with these billions of different performances going on around us?

A good place to start: Appreciation.

We all want to feel important. And we all want to feel like we belong. As a result, appreciating those around us is perhaps the quickest way to make their day.

However… It’s not easy! Our default mode seems to be criticising and finding fault with the world around us. This is a hangover from the negative bias that kept our pre-historic ancestors safe from predators.

But the world is a safer place now! We’re unlikely to encounter a lion on our way to lunch.

So why not drop the negative bias. Crack a smile. And take a moment to appreciate those we meet.

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