Prime time

We each have a prime piece of mental real estate to use each day. How do you use yours?

Our waking hours are not all made equal…

Some of us are early birds. Some of us are night owls. But we all have 2-3 hours a day when we’re at our sharpest.

What we do in these 2-3 hours is crucial! If we can focus them on the key priorities then this window is more than enough time to do the important work for the day. The rest of the time can be spent reacting to the stream of activity that life sends our way.

By guarding this piece of real estate and deploying it wisely each day we can gain a huge boost to our productivity and therefore happiness.
Too often it’s gobbled up by social media or low impact emails. Leave that for the 2pm slump!

Perhaps it’s 9am-11am. Perhaps it’s 5pm-7pm. We’re all different. But we all go through a similar fluctuation of cognitive ability throughout the day.

If you can tune into yours then this whole ride becomes far more enjoyable.